A new e-commerce start-up has been founded by Luke Northbrooke, a passionate climber and Nottingham University graduate, with the aim of building a digitally focussed business to disrupt the elite-focussed and digitally poor incumbent options.

Having only been founded a few months ago, and whilst maintaining a full time position at a leading Nottingham Marketing Agency, Dyno is on track to hit £24,000 in sales for it’s full year. A figure Luke has ambitions to far surpass.

Dyno operates from Nottingham, connecting with suppliers around the UK and Europe, and offers e-commerce delivery coverage for the whole of the UK. At its core, Dyno is an e-commerce platform stocking all the essential items to get into bouldering; from shoes to chalk to training accessories. All items are typically priced very competitively to encourage more and more people to try out the sport.  But e-commerce only makes up one part of Dyno’s and they intend to build up a portfolio of informative content in the form of guides, blogs and videos. These will be optimised for beginners and newcomers, to help remove some of the complexities in the sport.

Dyno is founded at a pivotal moment in the world of commerce. It has been forecast that UK consumers will spend £141.33 billion online this year, up 34.7% from 2019 – accounting for more than 30% of total retail sales in the UK for the first time. Combined with the increasing popularity of the sport, Luke has aims to grow Dyno into a national brand, centred in Nottingham.

Find out more via the Dyno website.

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