A payments technology company which helps children escaping domestic violence with every transaction is set for a £1.4m turnover in its first year.

Burton based Payaro, gained initial investment late on last year. Due to exponential UK growth, with a month-on-month revenue increase of 40%, expansion plans have been brought forward. That means a second round of investment opportunity came earlier than anticipated.

The Staffordshire-based company backs the Buddy Bag Foundation, with a percentage of each sale completed through its sales systems, and has pledged an additional donation of £1,000 every year.

It is gearing up for a second round of investment following significant growth, and having welcomed new private equity is opening the doors to more backers to share and be a part of the on-going success.

Payaro was founded by brothers Lee and Daniel Dunne, both with a series of senior finance or payments roles behind them, Payaro has innovated widespread Community Social Responsibility in its sector.

It has also become the only UK and European payments company to be fully accredited by the internationally recognised CSR standard.

Find out more from the Payaro website.

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