Working with CityFibre, Gigabit Networks are offering 6-12 months of free gigabit internet to support NHSX

1Gbps internet speeds will improve livelihoods and connectivity of both residents and NHS staff.

Gigabit Networks is working in partnership with CityFibre which is supporting NHSX and NHS Digital by offering a new 1Gbps connection offer to keep care home residents and staff connected.

The scheme offers Gigabit Networks’ “Ethernet Flex Care” product to care homes including free installation and no monthly subscription charges for 6 to 12 months, depending on the contract option chosen.

The Ethernet Flex Care product available to care homes will improve connectivity and enrich the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the UK. In a care home, gigabit internet speeds can fuel a happier life by connecting residents to all their favourite people, hobbies and interests.

The availability of gigabit internet in care homes will not only enrich the lives of residents but also care professionals working in the premises. 1Gbps internet speeds in the workplace removes limits to communication and will improve productivity.

“So many people have struggled to connect with loved ones this year as care homes have been hit very hard by the pandemic,” said Dan Ilett, CEO of Gigabit Networks. “If we can help a few more people to see each other and talk more often, that has to be a good thing. We are proud to be able to support care homes in this way.”

Gigabit Networks is a City Champion partner of CityFibre, the UK’s third national digital infrastructure platform which has invested millions into the UK economy to make gigabit internet widely available to businesses and homes. The ever increasing availability of gigabit speeds through full fibre is completely revolutionising the UK’s digital potential, with Gigabit Networks’ product Ethernet Flex Care a part of the services available.

This offer is available to care homes when signing up to one of Gigabit Network’s “Ethernet Flex Care” plans before 31st October 2020.


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About Gigabit Networks

Gigabit Networks is headquartered in Leicester in the heart of the Midlands – a particularly business dense area which has, until recently, been under-served by Gigabit infrastructure. Our market research identified more than 40,000 eligible businesses within the area which could benefit from pure fibre, gigabit capable internet access and we decided to work exclusively with CityFibre to deliver our range of game changing internet services.

CityFibre are investing nearly £4Bn to build dense full-fibre networks to create more than 60 Gigabit Cities across the UK. We are accredited as one of CityFibre’s exclusive City Champions and this covers the key Gigabit cities in the Midlands including our home town of Leicester, Nottingham, Cambridge, Peterborough, Coventry and soon Derby.

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