Birmingham-based MCG Digital Media has created a platform allowing more businesses to use artificial intelligence to help them grow.

Lead Accelerator will enable firms to quickly and effectively produce AI enabled landing pages and advertising campaigns.

Developed over five years, using data from more than £5m worth of advertising spend, the new platform aims to increase website visits and new digital enquiries.

Gez McGuire, founder of MCG Digital Media, said: “Typically a standard PPC campaign will have a conversion rate of between 3.5 and 5 per cent dependant on sector. Through artificial intelligence we can increase that to as much as 15 per cent across most consumer-focused businesses and we’ve experienced steady conversion rates of 45% per cent and more in high intent sectors, such as insurance.

“For some of the property, insurance and ecommerce businesses we work with this has led to increased revenue of £300,000 plus in the past 12 months alone. Lead Accelerator opens this technology up to even more businesses, with set up and optimisation in just 30 days.”

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