A vision launched by University of Nottingham will aim to help growth and recovery in the city it calls home with an ambitious programme combining data science, technology and innovation. 

Digital Nottingham is an endeavour to help transform the city; its potential, skills and ambitions, using expertise in research to help solve local challenges, while providing opportunities for growth and regeneration. 

The vision is launched as the University announces the first two initiatives that will propel forward future research collaborations in the area of data science and financial services. 

A new partnership with KPMG, the UK’s leading business advisory firm, seeks to drive insight for clients and support the regional economic growth agenda. Research in partnership with KPMG will leverage data science to inform business decision-making. The collaboration draws on University expertise in harnessing the power of big data, in particular large-scale financial data, together with methods from machine learning and artificial intelligence. At the same time, a collaboration with the UK’s leading technology venture builder, Blenheim Chalcot, will link the city’s next generation of scale-up businesses to university expertise which can help them innovate and grow. 

Digital Nottingham is driven by shared vision of data for good, and facilitated by technology overcoming borders and the traditional challenges to global collaboration. Using digital platforms, our research in data science reaches from Nottingham to Ningbo to New York. 

Digital Nottingham plans to maximise on Nottingham’s reputation as the UK’s leading destination for data science start-ups, through investment in the city by Blenheim Chalcot, and a high-skilled cluster of firms engaged with financial services, including KPMG. 

With significant government investment in data science in Nottingham planned for coming years, the city has in prospect new opportunities for growth, development and regeneration, delivering high-skilled employment, quality jobs and a new growth narrative for our region. 

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